Uploading attachment through Rest API Salesforce: Simple working solution

Uploading attachment through Rest API in Salesforce is quite easy, though the documentation is not that clear on this. Simple HTML Form Let’s create a simple HTML form to upload the file. The form takes a file as input and in this form I have disabled all other file types except pdf. The form’s action […]

Attachments for Salesforce Web to Lead – Part I

You have enabled web to lead for Salesforce. You are getting great leads from your website and your sales team is happy to be getting them directly on Salesforce. A new requirement comes to you to add an upload attachment option to the web page. Well, that’s easy. The web designer can do it in […]

How to create and test a Salesforce Schedulable Class

In this post we will see how to create and test a schedulable class. We will use schedulable interface to create a schedulable class and Test.StartTest() and Test.StopTest() methods to write the test class. Schedulable class can be used for variety of purposes. You can use the class to send regular SMS/Emails. You can use […]

Conditional Numbering in Salesforce

Auto number field in Salesforce assigns the number sequentially. That means auto number is assigned in series as records are created. For ex: Account records might be assigned Acc-001, Acc-002 and so on. What if we want to use conditional numbering that is separate series based on a field value. For ex: All tasks related […]

Delete Apex Class from Salesforce using workbench

Many times we wish to deactivate or delete Apex class from Salesforce. While I have always relied on Eclipse for this, I came across this method using workbench. For those, who would rather not download the heavy Eclipse and go all the way to install force.com plugin. Let’s say I have a trigger called ‘UpdateAmount’ […]

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