Conditional Numbering in Salesforce

Auto number field in Salesforce assigns the number sequentially. That means auto number is assigned in series as records are created. For ex: Account records might be assigned Acc-001, Acc-002 and so on. What if we want to use conditional numbering that is separate series based on a field value. For ex: All tasks related […]

Get Geo location from Google API in Salesforce

To get Geo-location from google API in Salesforce, I did a small integration with Google Geocode API. To call Google API, we need the API key. Follow the steps in this article to get the key. Steps to get the latitude and longitude from Google Geolocation Create an Apex trigger with below code. The trigger […]

Files Upload in Salesforce to Google Drive

One of the most common recommendations that I give to clients is to not use File Upload in Salesforce in the traditional way. What I mean by that is, cloud storage in Salesforce is quite expensive and as such I recommend all my clients to rather store the file on their web server/Google Drive and […]

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