5 Ways Admins can support their Sales Team with Salesforce

As an admin, there are many different hats you may wear throughout the day and many departments you may have to support. However, one of the most crucial responsibilities you may have is supporting your Sales team.

Sales is what coaxes in new business and turns opportunities into closed deals that bring in the revenue. Making sure they have efficient processes and the right kind of support is important to keep that machine going!

Let’s take a look at 5 Ways Admins can support their Sales Team with Salesforce!

The depth of Salesforce is pretty deep. There are basic things, however, that admins can do to further support their Sales team, and make sure they have what they need to get the job done well. Each of the options listed below are standard Salesforce features, without additional licensing or installations.

  1. My Email to Salesforce 

My Email to Salesforce - 5 Ways Admins can Support their Sales Team with Salesforce

Your Sales team representatives are busy, day in and day out, sending emails to potential clients from their work email address. However, those correspondences can be valuable to have in Salesforce, for multiple reasons. What if your support team needs those email exchanges for future customer support? Moreover, the manager can review these email exchanges and help the reps increase those close rates.

Although emails should be in Salesforce, asking your sales reps to stop the flow of their day to continually copy emails back into Salesforce from their inbox is not a good solution. My Email to Salesforce does it for them! You can help them set this up to attach emails to leads, contacts, or opportunities. All they have to remember is to hit the “bcc” button on their email before they send it. Emails are routed to the correct record, and they can go selling!

  1. Set up an Internal Case queue

Sales reps may have lots of questions about Salesforce, especially after new functionality has been released, or if there is a new process to learn. The last thing you’d want them to feel is stranded. Set up an internal case queue to allow Sales reps to submit cases as they need assistance.

This is a great way to take advantage of standard Salesforce functionality, without a lot of setup time. Moreover, it can help you control your day a bit better, as well. After all, continual interruptions at your desk can be difficult to manage. If the Sales Reps know they have a place to submit issues, and you can respond in a timely manner, it makes for a more efficient process all around.

  1. Enable Chatter

Enable Chatter - 5 Ways Admins can Support their Sales Team with Salesforce

Another way to support your Sales team is by enabling Chatter in your org. Chatter is a great collaboration tool that can be used in a host of ways to keep communications not only in Salesforce, but actually on the records they pertain to. No more searching through personal chat records for notes!

This allows transparency throughout your company and can be used to help close deals, communicate issues, and note specific record updates. Groups can be created, and users and groups can be tagged, so no one will miss another message! This is a great tool for the entire company to adopt.

  1. Process Builders and Flows

One of the most common Sales team complaints is the time it takes to work through certain admin tasks. Why not automate some of that with Process Builders and Flows? If you know that Sales reps are consistently entering in the same data multiple times on multiple objects for the same customers, why not set up a flow to evaluate criteria and do it for them? Not only is it less time for them, but it also will be more accurate.

These tools are more for advanced admins, however, include a lot of functionality and in many situations, can provide freedom from the chains of coding. They can be used to update records, pass information across objects, and even trigger other processes, as well. You can also use debug functionality in flows to troubleshoot directly in the flow instead of relying on the developer console (although, sometimes this is necessary!). These are versatile tools with huge impacts, and provide a big, efficient bang for your buck!

  1. Validation Rules

Validation Rules - 5 Ways Admins can Support their Sales Team with Salesforce

Although it may sound counterproductive, validation rules can provide a good amount of support for Sales reps, by limiting incorrect data on records, which can hold up a deal from closing. As an admin, if you notice patterns from Sales reps with dirty data or incomplete processes, set up validation rules to keep them in line.

This is especially helpful for sales if you can make sure the error message they receive is one that is clear, concise, and instructs them on how to make corrections properly. That means, if they hit the error, they don’t have to wait on you to help them solve it. Especially if it’s the last day of the month and they are trying to get the deal out the door!

These are the crucial 5 ways Admins can support their Sales team with Salesforce.

There are many other ways you can support your Sales team going forward. Make sure you are listening to their needs, and keeping an eye out for recent Salesforce releases so your org is staying up to date! 

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