How to integrate Salesforce with a third party Application

Developers often face the challenge of integrating Salesforce with a third party Application. This is same as consuming external API in Salesforce. Some use cases: Uploading files to AWS, Google Drive, Dropbox from within Salesforce Sending data to external Apps such as email or SMS from Salesforce Updating your financial system from Salesforce and more… […]

Uploading attachment through Rest API Salesforce: Simple working solution

Uploading attachment through Rest API in Salesforce is quite easy, though the documentation is not that clear on this. Simple HTML Form Let’s create a simple HTML form to upload the file. The form takes a file as input and in this form I have disabled all other file types except pdf. The form’s action […]

Delete Apex Class from Salesforce using workbench

Many times we wish to deactivate or delete Apex class from Salesforce. While I have always relied on Eclipse for this, I came across this method using workbench. For those, who would rather not download the heavy Eclipse and go all the way to install plugin. Let’s say I have a trigger called ‘UpdateAmount’ […]

Overriding Standard Lead Conversion in Salesforce

Sometimes, the lead conversion in Salesforce does not match with our process flow.  In that case it is necessary to override Standard Lead Conversion with our customized functionality. Lead conversion in Apex can be handled using ConvertLead() method. How to override standard button in Salesforce 1. Go to Object Manager -> Select Lead ->Buttons, Links, […]

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