5 Ways Admins can support their Sales Team with Salesforce

As an admin, there are many different hats you may wear throughout the day and many departments you may have to support. However, one of the most crucial responsibilities you may have is supporting your Sales team. Sales is what coaxes in new business and turns opportunities into closed deals that bring in the revenue. […]

The guide to becoming a Salesforce Consultant without work experience

Ok, you read somewhere that Salesforce jobs are in demand. There is a good freelancing network, and due to the nature of the work, it is quite easy to do the work remotely. Next, how do you proceed with becoming a Salesforce expert and further on a freelancer/consultant. I have been working on Salesforce for […]

Uploading attachment for web to lead: Part III

I came across this approach when the REST approach did not work for one of my clients. When a lead submits a form, all form builders provide the functionality to send email notification along with data submitted by lead. This email can also contain files uploaded by the lead. For my client, we created an […]

How to create a screen flow for the community users

In this post, we will see how to create a screen flow for your community users, choose the audience and also update the associated contact when the users engage with your flow. I will provide step by step information with screenshots in this post, but a video is also attached to save you from the […]

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