Lightning Experience Configuration Converter

Many of us have faced this issue one time or another: wanting to switch to Salesforce Lightning Experience for its ease of use and multiple other great features but what to do about the existing customization which are quite business critical. These can be visual force or java script buttons which run successfully in classic […]

Field Level Security in Apex

Recently Salesforce released a new feature in winter 19 which can help administrators ensure field level security in Apex classes. The feature which is still in pilot phase, can be used to strip the fields which are not accessible by the current user in the DML operations. Before Winter ’19, apex would run is System […]

Lightning Component – How to display Objects and its fields

To display Objects and its fields in a lightning component, follow the simple steps: First of all, create an apex class called “ObjectsFieldsList” which will act as our controller. The “getallobjects” method returns the list of sObjects. The “getAllFields” takes sObject as parameter and returns its fields. Next create a component called as “DisplayObjects” and […]

Lightning Component – How to filter records based on user input

In the last post we saw how to create a lightning component to display records of an object in a tabular form. In this post we will use the same example and see how to filter the records based on user input. We have our custom object Bank and we have displayed the records in […]

Lightning Component – Step by Step guide to display records

In this post we will see step by step how to create a Lightning component to display records in tabular fashion. Let’s say we have a custom object called Bank, We want to show all records of Bank object to the user. 1. Open Developer Console and create new Lightning Component called BanksList. Add the […]

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